DNA Surname Project

DNA testing for genealogy has interested me for a number of years and I have attended a few talks and seminars including one in May 2007, organised by the Guild of One-name. In the early days of DNA in genealogy very few ‘markers’ were tested and the costs were 2-3 times what they are today. The DNA testing is on the Y chromosome only, as only males have these and a copy is passed from father to son. The test is used to find a ‘signature’ for a surname and then compare the same surname on another tree. There are 23 pairs of chromosomes so a full personal profile is not the aim of the test. The test only requires a swab from the inside of the mouth and is completely harmless. NO blood required.

DNA Graphic

My aim is to find if there is only one or possibly two sources for the Rugman name. If all the DNA signatures match on the various Rugman trees, there is only one source and I will search for the documented evidence. As the number of Rugmans is relatively low and all come from the south of England, this is the most likely outcome.

I have chosen DNA Heritage (now Family Tree DNA) for this project as they test more markers (43) at a competitive price, and the advantage of registering under this project is that there is a discounted price for members in a surname project, using 43 markers. Your test is completely confidential, as you are given a code name to go with your results.

Ideally I would like two volunteers from each tree but not closely related, so if you are willing to pay for a test, I will be pleased to hear from you so that I can monitor the volunteers. Otherwise, you can manage your own test, order your testing kit and pay online as indicated on the website. After testing, you will receive a certificate and report of your results. More details on the Family Tree DNA website. I cannot guarantee the service or results from the company so you will have assess this for yourself.

Hopefully, the tests will prove that all Rugmans are cousins, distant in more ways than one, but if not, it just means there was more than one source for the name. If there is only one source, my aim is to construct just one Rugman tree and hopefully find the origin of the name. I think that this is an exciting project and if you are a male Rugman and wish to take part, please read the tutorials at Family Tree DNA and then contact me.