Welcome to my Rugman One Name Study

The Rugman Family History website has been created to enable anybody with a RUGMAN ancestry or interest to contribute and receive information for their family history research. I started my research in 1986 and registered the Rugman name with the Guild of One-Name Studies in 1987. www.one-name-org


Since 1986 I have collected thousands of Rugman data enabling me to put many of the Rugmans collected onto 7 trees. Gloucestershire is by far the largest with 541 Rugmans, more than the other 6 trees put together. I could bore you with many statistics but to put it simply, on the 7 trees there are 2,598 individuals including 828 Rugmans, which is probably about half of all Rugmans that have ever lived.


There was a Canadian and Cheshire tree but these were joined to the Gloucestershire tree. The 2 main trees, Gloucestershire and Sussex go back to about 1700 and the Hertfordshire tree only covers early 18th century and 17th century so logically the main trees should join the Hertfordshire tree but I have no data to support this, yet. The remaining tree is really a ‘loose branch’ of the Sussex tree. There are earlier records of Rugmans in the 16th and 17th century in the City of London. The earliest record of the name was Thomas Rugman (Rugmayn – spelling was ‘casual’) at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. See www.familychronicle.com/agincort.htm


In May 2007 I started a DNA Surname Project to find if there is only surname source. See DNA Surname Project page.


If you are a Rugman or have a Rugman ancestor and you are interested in knowing if you belong to one of these Rugman family trees, please contact me with details of yourself, going back as far as you can. To do this birth, marriage and death details, where known, are obviously useful but if you are not sure of the exact details please put ‘about’ date. Places and occupations are also useful.


Photographs of Rugman families past and present are welcome and can be put on this website. In many old photographs some individuals are not recognised in the passage of time and hopefully inclusion on this website might produce a response from a long lost Rugman relative.


Peter Rugman. Cheshire, England.